The Ranking System

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The Ranking System

Post by Jade-Ember on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:46 pm

Ranks and/or rights are strongly based on trust, exp donation, and the amount of dedication you put into the guild.

If you have two or more characters in the guild, the character that donated the highest exp will get the designated rank and all alt characters will be ranked mascot.

See the special ranking system for breeding requirements.

If you didn't do so already, please review our guild rules.

Regular Ranks
The Regular Ranking System is followed unless specially assigned otherwise. The majority of guild members will be following this system.

Exp Needed
Other Requirements
New Right

On Trial
Members who first join the guild are automatically placed On Trial. The leader can then evaluate the newcomer to see if they fit into our community.

You've registered to the forums.

Manage own XP contribution

You've now officially decided that Ctrl Alt Elite is the place you want to be and have donated some exp to prove that you want to be here.

You're active.


You've proven yourself slightly trustworthy.

You've been in the guild for at least a week and are active.

Can use paddocks

You've proven yourself friendly, somewhat trustworthy, and active in-game. You are also slightly active in the guild forums and eager to help guild members when in need.

You're active in-game and somewhat active on the forums.


Defending collectors when you can is an important factor. With this rank, you receive a bit more responsibility and should go to pretty good lengths for the guild.

Game activity, aiding guild members, forum activity, and collector defending are all key factors.


Trust and activity play a big role. You must help out the guild when needed and participate on the guild forums.

Forum activity, game activity, perc defending, and helping those in need are all factors.

Place a perceptor

With this rank, you are dedicated to the guild. Helping out guild members is required, along with defending guild collectors from time to time.

You've been in the guild for at least a month. Forum activity, game activity, perc defending, and helping those in need are still factors.

Retrieve loot from your Perceptors

Dedication is a must. Reservists generally help defend collectors whenever they can. Trust is a major factor.

Forum activity, game activity, perc defending, and helping those that may need you are still factors. Major trust is involved.


One of the highest ranks, protectors must defend percs whenever they're available, aid guildies when in need, and help in guild growth.

You've been in the guild for two months. Forum activity, game activity, perc defending, and helping those in need are a must.

Manage guildmates' XP contribution and Place or change an alliance prism

Treasurers must defend percs and aid new members when help is needed.They're also occasionally on the lookout for new recruits.

You've been in the guild for three months. Forum activity, game activity, perc defending, and helping those in need are a demand.

Retrieve loot from Perceptors, Be the main Perceptor defender, Invite new members, and Arrange the paddocks

Second in Command
Second in Commands are in charge of most things that go on in the guild, including organizing events, moderating the forums, recruiting and banning members, ranking members, and bearing the weight of all rights: a HUGE responsibility! This rank is by appointment only.

Forum activity, game activity, perc defending, helping those in need, moderating the forums, moderating the guild, helping guild progress, constantly being on the look out for new members, and planning events are a must and demand! MAJOR trust is involved.

Manage boosts, Transmit rights, Manage ranks, Manage other members' mounts, and ban (Second in Commands have all rights)


The Leader is the founder of Ctrl Alt Elite.


Everything mentioned of all the previous ranks

All rights

Special Ranks
The Special Ranking System is designed to stand out guild members when deserving. If you see a special rank listed and would like to change your current rank for a rank below, please send Jade-Ember a private message on the forums or in-game and she will consider.


If a guildy has two or more characters in the guild, all alt characters will receive this rank and the character that donated the highest guild exp will use the regular ranking system above.

These members receive special paddock rights (Can use paddocks and Arrange the paddocks). To receive this rank, you must have at least 500,000 guild exp donated, be in the guild for at least a month, and be active on a regular basis. Send a message to Jade-Ember or any Second in Command for consideration.

To achieve this rank, you need at least 3 professions at level 100 on the character being ranked.

Pet Killer
This person generally kills pets with the butcher profession.

This rank is for anyone who has a level 100 hunter profession.

Treasure Hunter
This person has special collector rights. This rank will be decided if the leader feels anyone is deserving of it.

This rank is reserved for a high level characters (190+) who are active in pvp and perc defending.

Recruiting Officer
This rank is reserved for members with special inviting and XP distribution rights, who help keep the guild growing.

This rank is designed especially for those who enjoy helping new people to the guild and showing them "the ropes".

This rank will be given to those silent guildies who keep to themselves. This rank is a source of inspiration to help quiet guildies express themselves more in guild chats.

Chosen One
This rank will be used in the Election System. The people with this rank will have special privileges. For more information, visit the Election System of the forums. Currently not used.

Experienced players may receive this rank. You must have played Dofus for at least 3 years to be considered.

If a collector is about to be attacked, the chance of successfully defeating the attackers are low, and the perc's owner is not available, merchants have the right to collect from the perc about to be destroyed and give the materials back to the perc's owner once he/she is available. Provide screenshots of resources collected.

Negative Ranks
The negative ranking system is designed for guild members who have made offenses towards the guild. Based on the severity of the offense, guild members may be demoted, have his/her rights temporarily or permanently removed, or get banned.


This rank is for guild members who have been away from the game for more than 20 days. If they can't be contacted in a certain time period, these members are booted.

This rank is reserved for guildies who are annoying, childish, or constantly beg for items/leeching. If the behavior keeps up, the guild member will be booted.

This rank goes to guildies who have attacked AND killed an allied perc. All rights are taken away temporarily, and the guildy must pay for the perc loss. If a second offense takes place, the guildy will be booted.

This rank is a disciplinary rank for those who committed serious offenses toward the guild but not serious enough to get booted. You will either lose all rights or get them taken away temporarily, depending on severity.

Undecided Ranks
These ranks we can't seem to find a use for. If you have suggestions, feel free to send a private message to Jade-Ember or available Second in Commands on the forums or in-game.



Not decided yet.


Not decided yet.


Not decided yet.

Perceptor Killer

Not decided yet.


Not decided yet.

Unused Ranks
The following ranks aren't used presently.


This rank will not be used. If you do something severe enough to deserve this rank, you would be immediately booted.

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