Registering: use in-game name please

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Registering: use in-game name please

Post by Jade-Ember on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:42 pm

The register link should be at the top of the page. If there are any problems or concerns, reply to this thread. Please use your in-game name when you register.

Those that are currently in the guild and register will be added to the Guildy list where they can then view the whole forums in it's entirety. If you are not added to the Guildy list right away, please contact me by private message or on the game and I will add you.

Registered members that are from an allied guild will be added to our Guild Ally list.

If you wish to join the guild, you may register as well, but it's not required. Registering will help though if I have trouble contacting you in-game so that we can set up a time to invite you to the guild.

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