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Post by Jade-Ember on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:03 pm

The level requirement for recruited members is now 100+, no exceptions. If you would like to recruit someone, please ask and let me know beforehand.

We are recruiting friendly and mature members into the Ctrl Alt Elite community. If you're interested in joining, please reply to this thread with the following:

       Name of Character:
       Subscription Status: (P2P or F2P?)
       Reason for Joining: (Everyone has a reason for joining a certain guild. What is your reason?)
       What Makes You Awesome: Wink
       When I can reach you: (What times are you on the game mostly? Please include time zones.)

Please reply to this thread.. any outside posts will be moved here. If the guild is full, you may have to join the Waiting List.

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